IP and geo location API


Checking IP addresses and geo location is important to anyone who ever tried a VPN. There is a well known, free to use, relatively uncluttered website that provides that service: freegeoip.net

They also provide machine-consumable API:


freegeoip.net probably fell victim to its own popularity and the service is often unavailable because of overload.

Since we need reliable service both internally and for users, Fruho provides its own geo location API. There are also some differences:

  • freegeoip.net is US based, fruho.com is in France so it will be faster for users from Europe
  • the answer is simplified, saves CPU and bandwidth

Fruho IP geo location API

https://fruho.com/ip # Just your external IP address, plain text, nothing more
https://fruho.com/loc?as=json # Your IP's geolocation
https://fruho.com/loc/ # Given IP's geolocation, plain text
https://fruho.com/loc/ # Given IP's geolocation

As you can see after clicking the links above the JSON variants produce much simpler answer with minimum essential data to geolocate IP address.

There is also a version for humans: fruho.com/geo

Feel free to use, but not abuse. If in doubt contact us.

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