How to get config files?

For VPN services listed in the Fruho program we recommend to use "one-click" import that retrieves configuration details and server list automatically.

Otherwise ask your VPN provider to give you OpenVPN config files. Usually configs are available only with premium accounts.

VpnBook and SecurityKISS are notable exceptions where you can download OpenVPN config files even in the free version. However, they support "one-click import" so there is no need to import files manually in these cases.

If your VPN provider is not listed in Fruho or you want to connect to private or corporate network you need to get and save OpenVPN config file first and then load it in the Fruho program:

You can point it to multiple files or to the zipped bundle. Fruho program is smart enough to unzip and locate the right config files and certificates itself.

If you would like to include your VPN provider in the "one-click import" list, please let us know.

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